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Information Logistics
in organisation:
safety, efficiency, automation.

Modern organizations gain a competitive advantage by properly managing knowledge, information, data and communication and ensuring their security. They gain resistance to the changing market situation and the ability to quickly react to its changes. We support modern companies focusing on three elements:


Organizations live by communication. Synchronous and asynchronous, interpersonal and machine can be a problem. Streamlining communication flows makes the company more innovative and improves the work culture.

We support organizations in creating efficient communication systems and standards.


Knowledge is the main strategic resource of modern organizations. It may be under the management of its members. It can also be supervised by the structures of the organization, which is much safer – after all, a member of the organization can stop being one relatively easily.

We support organizations in managing knowledge, communication and information.


Data security, including personal data, is the Achilles’ heel of many organizations. Inadequate, incorrectly implemented procedures, and dangerous ICT systems can cause problems for both organizational and personal data.

We support organizations in managing the security of knowledge, communication, information and personal data.

Process automation

Automation improves business by increasing productivity, reducing costs, using the full potential of employees, minimizing errors and facilitating analytics.

Communication and Knowledge Management

Coordination of the elements of marketing, PR and sales communication with communication between teams and the creation of knowledge systems in the organization.

Marketing - Sales Communication

Support in strategic management: planning and publishing content in the field of consistent, planned and tailored marketing and sales communication.

Information Logistics

Strategic support in managing interpersonal and machine communication, its safety and adequacy. Managing the processing of data, information and knowledge in organizations in accordance with the law, especially GDPR and standards such as ISO 27001.

Who we work with:

Crown Fundation

Support in strategic management of marketing and sales communi-cation.

Jazda Orlik

Support in the strategic mana-gement of SM communication.


Creation of ISMS and preparation for an audit in the scope of ISO 27001.

"Dla Dobra" Society

Creation of a website and edu-cation in the field of publishing via the WWW.

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